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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap: Old Gem to You, New Gem to Me

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Fossil Hunters: Dig & Explore to Find Out More

      It's always refreshing to see new contenders in the video game market who bring unique ideas to the table. Reptoid Games does an excellent job of this with their first ever title Fossil Hunters . The five man studio from Toronto even proved their worth to gaming powerhouse Ubisoft after becoming a featured winner in the  Ubisoft Toronto's Indie Series in 2017. A lot of hard work, long hours, and a kickstarter later- Fossil Hunters is officially hitting Steam on February 13, 2018. Put simply, Fossil Hunters  allows the player to do exactly as the title says- hunt fossils. However it is the well-implemented fossil assembly concept that really makes this title worth your time. The game starts out with an elite fossil hunter arriving at a dig site only to realize that the entire area has been nearly destroyed with no another human in sight. Armed only with your tools and requests from a mysterious radio entity known as the collector, you set out to complete all

Shadow of the Colossus: A First Time Players Perspective

Despite it's original release being 13 years ago  Shadow of the Colossus remains one of the all time greatest games ever released on the Playstation 2. Many things have changed since then, and the game may have even got a port to the PS3 in 2011, but the most recent version on PS4 is unlike any of its predecessors. Complete with remastered textures and a crisp soundtrack, it's nearly impossible to tell that this game wasn't made in 2018. The game starts out with a beautiful cutscene showing the main character, Wander, traveling on horseback with his fallen soulmate Mono. In an effort to bring his love back to life, Wander has traveled to the end of the Forbidden Land to seek answers at the Shrine of Worship. Upon arrival Wander places Mono's body upon the altar and proceeds with begging the god of the dead, Dormin, to resurrect her. He agrees to do so on one condition- slay the 16 ancient monsters scattered across the land and pay a great price. Without any further

Monster Hunter World: An Honest Review

Let me start out by saying that until a few years ago Monster Hunter was one of those games that I could watch for hours on streaming sites but it just seemed too complicated to learn myself. I can't count the number of times I download demos on the Nintendo 3DS and gave up because I couldn't kill the easiest monster in the game. Many YouTube videos and hours of reading later I finally felt knowledgeable enough to purchase the full version and dive in. Does this sound like you? If so let me put it simply- this game will welcome you with open arms. Monster Hunter: World is easily the most newbie friendly entry in the series. Are there still a lot of mechanics to learn? Yes. But the system as a whole has been redone in a way that just works. Even my husband, whom I've tried to get playing for years, has sunk his teeth into this title and is playing through the story. If you're on the fence- don't be. Plain and simple. Now that we have that out the way let&

Monster Hunter World: 10 Tips for Beginners

Unless you've been under a rock you've probably noticed that Monster Hunter World is a huge hit right now. The game has shipped 5 million copies worldwide and has already sold 1.3 million copies in the United States. While this installment is much friendlier to newcomers than past titles there is still a large chunk of the game that you are left to figure out on your own. Even as someone who has put ~400 hours into the monster hunter series over the last few years I found it took even me a few hours to get comfortable with all the new features. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, hopefully this list can help you out a bit! 1.) Don't Let the Timer Scare You All quests in Monster Hunter are timed, however I RARELY ever have problems completing the quest in time. There is plenty of time to complete quests in the 50 allotted minutes so don't panic watching the clock tick down. 2.) Upgrade Often at the Forge It is very easy to get caught up in the momen

Why I'm Buying Skyrim (AGAIN) on Nintendo Switch

On Friday Skyrim will be releasing for Nintendo Switch. Who would have guessed that six years after it's initial release, that the game would once again be coming to a platform for the first time. Personally, and I'm sure many of you are in the same situation, I have purchased the game on multiple different platforms over the past six years and will be once again throwing my money at Bethesda on 11/17/17. Why exactly would I spend $60 on a game that I already own on 5 other platforms?  Portability From the moment I first learned that Skyrim would be coming to the Nintendo Switch I instantly knew that I would be buying the game again. Since the release of the Switch in March I have experienced numerous hours of game-play both at home and on the go. The versatility of the system to be played docked or in portable mode is the systems best feature and I believe this will work perfectly for a game like Skyrim. Skyrim is one of those games that you sit down and play for hours

Cave Story+: A Story Worth Retelling

Earlier this year publisher Nicalis ported their hit "The Binding of Issac" over to the Nintendo Switch and it immediately sold out in stores. It was only a matter of time until they decided to make another one of their games available. Fast forward a few months and June 20th marked the official release for Cave Story+ on the Nintendo Switch. While Cave Story was originally released on Steam back in 2011, Cave Story+ has received some noticeable upgrades with the Switch port including a new soundtrack, new modes, and enhanced graphics. The limited edition physical copy comes with very nice artwork, a 32 page instruction manual and even a mini-CD containing the games new soundtrack. When describing Cave Story, one can't help but to compare it to Metroid in the aspect that it is a platforming shooter/exploration game. Cave Story is about a robot in a cave, who wakes up one day with amnesia and after some exploration finds a village of rabbit creatures called Migmas.