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Monster Hunter World: 10 Tips for Beginners

Unless you've been under a rock you've probably noticed that Monster Hunter World is a huge hit right now. The game has shipped 5 million copies worldwide and has already sold 1.3 million copies in the United States. While this installment is much friendlier to newcomers than past titles there is still a large chunk of the game that you are left to figure out on your own. Even as someone who has put ~400 hours into the monster hunter series over the last few years I found it took even me a few hours to get comfortable with all the new features. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, hopefully this list can help you out a bit!

1.) Don't Let the Timer Scare You

All quests in Monster Hunter are timed, however I RARELY ever have problems completing the quest in time. There is plenty of time to complete quests in the 50 allotted minutes so don't panic watching the clock tick down.

2.) Upgrade Often at the Forge

It is very easy to get caught up in the momentum of the game and not explore the base more. Eventually (I'm looking at you Anjanath) you're going to discover that monsters hit harder and have the ability to one shot kill you. If this is happening chances are that you haven't visited the forge area. Every time you slay a monster you may have noticed that you are receiving carved parts. You can turn these parts into new armor and weapons to make yourself hit harder, take more damage, and lets face it- to make yourself look just plain awesome. You can also take armor spheres that you collect and use them to boost any existing armor sets that you have created.

Don't forget to use the wishlist! While in the crafting menu at the forge you have the ability to add items to your wishlist. Doing so will alert you when you have collected the items necessary to forge an item that you want. The days of writing items down or keeping track mentally are gone. Thanks Capcom!

3.) Carting is Bad- but DON'T beat Yourself Up

I've noticed that a lot of players (whom I assume are new) have edited preset chat slots to apologize after they cart. Carting will ultimately reduce your earned rewards, or even end your quest entirely if you hit cart #3, but don't beat yourself up too bad. Monster Hunter is filled with people like myself who have more experience with the game and have mastered certain techniques. Myself, and I'm sure other veterans, WANT to welcome you to the community! Learn from your mistakes and get back out there again.

I will point out however that those of you who rush through the game, never upgrade anything, and wonder why you triple cart out of a quest are on my naughty list. Just upgrade your stuff already! I have no sympathy for you if you're one of those people.

4.) Explore All Weapons Before Forging

This is probably one of the best tips I can give all you newcomers. It took me three tries to start liking monster hunter. I found myself constantly downloading demos and absolutely hating the game- UNTIL I found my weapon (shout out to all you dual blade users out there). Each weapon in the game has a VERY different play style. Those of you who want to feel big and powerful may like something like a great sword. While someone like me, who likes speed will DESPISE the great sword. Don't give up on the game until you've found your weapon of choice. If you don't like the way hunts feel try out something different. Once one clicks with you you'll know. Trust me.

Once you've found your weapon, then and only then, should you start to make different versions at the forge. You don't want to waste your precious materials on a weapon that you may end up hating! In your equipment box you will find a basic version of each weapon so give them all a try!

5.) Eat, Eat, Eat

Before departing on a quest you should always eat! Eating gives you boosts to health, stamina, and various abilities. If you forget to eat before departing don't sweat it! There is an option to eat near the tent.

6.) Think Before You Go

Not being prepared in this game can cause you to cart really fast- especially once you hit high rank quests. You always want to make sure that you have ample stock in items such as potions, mega potions, antidotes, cool drinks and whatever else you think could be needed in the field.

7.) Pick up EVERYTHING

While running around the map you're probably noticing that you can collect all sorts of plants, rocks, mushrooms and etc. You want to take as much as you can hold! Materials you find in the field can be used to make armor and items. For example, if you gather herbs you can turn those into potions. And if you happen to have some honey, you can combine that with a potion to make a mega potion! Gathering these items in the field will save you from having to buy items with your money. 
An additional plus is that you can craft in the wild from the start menu! Need a potion but don't have any? Find a herb and in a few clicks your problem is solved.

8.) Not Getting Hit is Just as Important as Doing Damage

One of the biggest mistakes I see newbies make in monster hunter games is running up to a monster and button mashing. While this may up your damage total, it also will probably get you stuck in a combo leaving you unable to dodge a powerful monster attack. Knowing when to dodge or block is just as important as hitting the monster! You don't want to waste potions or cart so watch the monster. The more you play, the more you will learn each monsters movements, and you will be able to better predict when strong attacks are coming.

9.) Check Out the Gathering Hub

This is something that took me a while to figure out. In past games the hunters hub (online quests with others) and village quests (offline story mode) were separate. While the system that Monster Hunter World uses is MUCH better, I missed being able to run around and seeing my party before departing on a quest. I wanted to be able to talk about needed items and make sure everyone was ready! The game doesn't point it out, but near the area where the handler and canteen are located you can go up the stairs to enter the hunters hub! This area allows you to gather as a group and there are even a few neat quirks located there. Head there and try out the arm wrestling table!

10.) Exploit Monster Weaknesses

Early on in the game this isn't as important, but once you get to high rank looking for monster weaknesses is important. All armor sets have + or - resistances to certain elements (thunder, fire, ice, etc.). If you're headed out to fight Anajanath I can promise that you won't want to wear armor that is -15 for fire resistance! He will do more damage and make your life miserable.
Also pay attention to the weapon you are using. If I'm going to fight Anajanath I'm going to bring along my water dual blades. Anajanath is weak to this element so I will do more damage and kill him faster!

It's little details like this that could be making or breaking your experience with Monster Hunter World. If you have been carting often or using a ton of potions- take a look at your gear and think about who you're fighting. You can thank me later.


Is there anything else that you need help with? Feel free to reach out to myself or others. As a fan of the series I want to see it's popularity grow. The Monster Hunter community is one of the best out there so stick around a while and let us make you feel at home!

Find yourself wanting one-on-one training with a veteran? Check out the website Adopt-A-Hunter is a Monster Hunter community started by series veterans to assist any player who may be struggling, looking for guidance, or seeking a mentor in Monster Hunter: World. Their goal is to provide a helping hand to all players, new or old, looking to become a more complete and proficient monster hunter. Veteran hunters can take novices under their wing in an effort to teach them the basics; passing on the knowledge a hunter needs in order to feel confident and comfortable playing on their own, or with any group. Additionally, their community is a resource hub of information, guides, and eager hunting companions open to players of any skill level. Check it out!


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