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Cave Story+: A Story Worth Retelling

Earlier this year publisher Nicalis ported their hit "The Binding of Issac" over to the Nintendo Switch and it immediately sold out in stores. It was only a matter of time until they decided to make another one of their games available. Fast forward a few months and June 20th marked the official release for Cave Story+ on the Nintendo Switch. While Cave Story was originally released on Steam back in 2011, Cave Story+ has received some noticeable upgrades with the Switch port including a new soundtrack, new modes, and enhanced graphics. The limited edition physical copy comes with very nice artwork, a 32 page instruction manual and even a mini-CD containing the games new soundtrack. When describing Cave Story, one can't help but to compare it to Metroid in the aspect that it is a platforming shooter/exploration game. Cave Story is about a robot in a cave, who wakes up one day with amnesia and after some exploration finds a village of rabbit creatures called Migmas.

Arms: Ready, Set, Punch!

When the announcement for the Nintendo Switch came in January of this year, ARMS was among the group of games that I, like many others, probably disregarded. A game that's only about arms and punching? There's no way that could be good right? Combine that with the fact that I typically don't enjoy fighting games and things didn't look too good for Arms. Fast forward to today and I'll admit that I did pick up Arms, mostly because of the fact that there is a ramen noodle character, and I have been playing it. If you're here, there's a chance you're probably wondering if you should you do the same. Arms is a game that is so wacky and tacky, that when you put it all together it just works. The entire concept of the game revolves around your ability to punch others with a slew of different arms available between 10 playable characters. Matches take place on a variety of 3D landscapes which can host anything from a staircase to an actual bowl of ramen it