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Call of Duty WWII: What We Currently Know

The Call of Duty franchise never fails to impress with it's immersive storylines and cutting edge gameplay. As of late, the series has taken a turn towards the more futuristic side, causing some long time fans to become disgruntled as its strayed further and further from it's traditional boots on the ground roots.  Judging from recent news, it looks like fans are finally going to get what they want with the upcoming installment Call of Duty WWII. The release date for the upcoming title along with a few awesome details were released in a live reveal earlier today. If you would like to see the reveal in it's entirety, you can check it out here , but definitely be sure to check out the game trailer posted below. In the meantime, we're going to recap the highlights of what we know, and will do our best to post updates as we learn more. Release Date and Early Beta Access Call of Duty WWII will be releasing on November 3rd, 2017 for PS4, XBone and PC. There have b

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: A True Test of Survival

When it comes to the survival genre, there are certain things that one automatically starts to expect from a game. Weapons, armor, tactical skills, the same old song and dance. What you don't expect is to be killed by the map just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or being afraid simply because it's been "too quiet too long". PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a MMO shooter survival game. Each round of the match starts out with yourself and 99 other people on a plane. After a short period of incessant rambling and screaming from others, all 100 of you parachute out of a plane onto an island. This is where the fun begins. Each player must decide which of the maps grid spaces they would like to land. The landing decision can at times be critical to success. Landing in an area with other players may grant you more action right away, but this isn't necessarily the best strategy. As you start off on the island, you have no weapons or armor, an

Mr. Shifty: A Fast-Paced Explosive Adventure

You'll be shifting through bullets and flames in no time as you play through this latest installment in tinyBuild's library of games! Mr. Shifty is top down shooter with game play that is very similar to 2012's "Hotline Miami". One notable twist, as indicated by the title, is the players ability to shift through walls and around opponents in order to clear the various rooms of each level. This shifting ability isn't just a gimmick- it's vital to the players success. Shifting allows you to move quickly on a map filled with many dangers such as flamethrowers, guns (where one shot will kill you), or even tons of enemies that rush at you. The player isn't able to simply spam the "shift" button to advance either, since Mr. Shifty is limited to 5 consecutive shifts before needing a cool-down period. This ensures that the player doesn't just rush through a level and strategy becomes just as important as shifting. The shifting mechanis

MLB the Show 2017: Welcome to the Show

Ahhh, baseball season, the smell of the fresh cut grass, hot dogs, peanuts, a cold beer at the ballpark, and The Reds are in last place, all is balanced in the world. With the new season comes the new addition of MLB The Show, the game that brings almost all the realism of Major League Baseball to your living room. Realism is what this game does best year in and year out and this year is no exception. The focus The Show puts on making the game experience as real as possible is what keeps people coming back year after year.   From the way players look when they run out onto the field all the way to the way the ball sounds when the ball hits a bat or the back of a fielder’s glove, this game get it right. What it also gets right is the presentation, making the game feel like you are sitting in your living room watching a TV broadcast of the game also adds to the realistic feel, in a “sitting on your couch eating chips from a bag” kind of way.   The announcers are on poin

Breath of the Wild Armor Sets

I, like many other people, still find myself sinking massive amounts of time into Breath of the Wild. Even though the game has been out for over a month, it seems as if I'm not even close to running out of things to do. With 55+ hours of game-play committed, I'm now on a mission to collect as many different sets of armor as possible. I'm not near finished when it comes to collecting, however these are the sets I've discovered so far! Hylian While this armor doesn't have any special set bonuses, it was the first standard set I purchased after starting the game. It comes with 3 defense, and looks pretty cool as well. Champions Tunic From the time Breath of the Wild was released, this standard blue outfit is the one we all came to recognize. I was actually quite surprised that the game didn't start with Link wearing this armor, and I even managed to miss it completely before I went to defeat Ganon. Let's just say that it is worthwhile to fin